Face to Face
An expression matching game played between two people through webcam using facial tracking technology.

Game Rules:
1. Make an expression based on the prompt.
2. Match partner’s face and hold expression - the closer the match, the faster you win.
3. Keep playing to beat previous score together.

Created with Node, clmtrackr.js and other js libraries.

Design Process

My original concept statement in the beginning of this 2 month project was to create a moment of human connection through webcam. I focused on human emotion and facial expressions, as a form of shared experience that transcends culture, race or gender.

This design went through many rapid prototypes and playtests of different game rules in its initial stages, using tools I had easily available such as Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and friends and family.

Prototype 1: Expression → Description → Expression → Description

The first person makes an expression privately to the second person, who translates that expression into a word.The third person then makes that expression to the fourth, who translates it to the final word

Prototype 2: Expression → Expression → Expression x 5

The first person makes an expression privately to the second person, who recreates that expression privately to the third person, and so on until the 5th person who makes the expression to the group.

Prototype 3: Random Emotion Generator

Two people privately makes the expression from this random emotion generator, and reveals on the count of 3.

Prototype 4: Random Emotion Generator + Google Translate

Used Google Translate along with the emotion generator to test multilingual capabilities.

Prototype 5: Digital Prototype Version 1

Created a working digital prototype that takes a snapshot from both webcam sources. It tracks and displays the facial expressions onto each other's snap shot, so users can see the difference between them

Playtest @ Playtech

Created 2 digital prototypes to test with real players at a playtesting event hosted at Parsons. Version 1 used emotion word prompts, and Version 2 used emojis.

Findings from playtesting

Final Digital Prototype

Made UX changes based on playtests:

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